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Corrective Chiropractic care for spinal misalignments, postural issues, and sports injuries.

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"I tell everybody about the program because it really works."

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A non-surgical, drug-free approach to severe neck and back pain.

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Back Pain Relief with the DRX9000

The DRX9000 decompression system relieved Terri’s back pain without surgery.

There were nights when Terri Beer couldn’t sleep because her lower back ached. "The pain in my back would wake me up and as I got out of bed in the middle of the night, I felt like an old lady," she confides. "Lying down was a killer, and sitting for any length of time hurt, too.

“I didn’t have any back problems until then, and it went on for months. I thought to myself, Oh, it’s going to go away. But it never went away,” adds Terri.

A long-time resident of DeLand, Terri is retired from a career in sales and marketing. Retirement never slowed her down. She loves to play golf and is a dedicated community volunteer. Terri is a past president of the Rotary Club of DeLand and serves on the board of the Florida Hospital Foundation for Florida Hospital DeLand.

Terri finally decided she needed long-lasting relief from back pain. An MRI had revealed a bulging disc in the lower region of her spine, but she was adamant that she wasn’t going to have surgery.

“I said, I am not going under the knife. A lot of my friends have had back surgery and nothing happened [to relieve their pain]. They’re going back for second surgeries now.”

Terri recalled reading articles in Volusia Health Care News about spinal decompression therapy at DeLand Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression. The therapy is noninvasive, which is what she wanted.

“I checked it out to see if it would help. And it really worked. It absolutely worked!” she enthuses.

About Spinal Decompression

DeLand Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression utilizes the DRX decompression system for achieving superior results in back pain relief.

“If you want to get the best results for your patients, I believe that you need to have the best equipment available,” says Jeremy M. Gordon, DC, a chiropractic physician and the clinic’s director.

“In my opinion, the DRX nonsurgical spinal decompression system is unequaled in its design and clinical results. The DRX system primarily benefits patients with herniated, bulging or protruding discs; spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and those suffering with neuropathy in the arms or legs, as well as those with post-surgical neck and/ or low back pain.”

DRX technology has multiple design elements that make therapy easy on the patient, whether the problem is in the lumbar spine in the lower back or the cervical spine in the neck area.

“The patient is able to relax and close their eyes while the treatment is performed, gently stretching and decompressing the discs of the spine,” describes Dr. Gordon. "This gentle motion increases disc spaces and reduces the size and severity of herniated, bulging or degenerative discs and restores nutrients and hydration.

"Unfortunately, many people choose to have back or neck surgery when it may not be necessary,” asserts Dr. Gordon. "By contrast, the DRX has an excellent track record. After tracking our results with hundreds of patients over 7 years, I am proud that our satisfaction rate exceeds 80%, even with those patients who were told that surgery was their only option. That’s a much higher satisfaction rate than invasive surgery."

Decompression treatments are typically followed by cold therapy and/or electrical muscle stimulation to restore proper muscle tone, decrease inflammation and maximize the effects of the treatment. Cervical spinal decompression is also accompanied by laser therapy, which decreases nerve root inflammation and improves the healing process.

Terri had a series of ten treatments and discovered they were painless and highly effective. She followed Dr. Gordon’s advice to temporarily stop playing golf to rest her back while undergoing therapy.

“Every time I had a spinal decompression treatment, I felt so good! Eventually, the discs started to align,” describes Terri. She continued treatment with physical therapy exercises, and then decided on her next step: losing weight. It was one of the best moves she could make to protect her back.

Ideal Protein Plan

Terri is thrilled about how the Ideal Protein plan helped her lose weight to protect her back.

“Excess weight, especially around the abdomen, increases pressure on the lumbar discs in the lower back, as well as the hips and knee joints,” explains Dr. Gordon.

“It’s similar to overloading the trunk of your car or the back of a truck with too much weight. The tires will compress and bulge outward because of the excess load. That’s the same type of thing that happens to the disc and lumbar spine when they’re put under extra weight and stress and strain.”

Terri enrolled in the clinic’s Ideal Protein plan, a comprehensive and personalized weight-loss system.

Based on more than 25 years of experience that includes more than five million people in Europe and Canada – and now a large group of people in the United States – the Ideal Protein plan enables patients to achieve weight loss quickly without sacrificing muscle mass. The result: improved energy and appetite control, improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and reduced blood pressure.

“Ideal Protein is incorporated into a customized program for patients,” Dr. Gordon says. “On average, most of our patients lose approximately twelve to fifteen pounds per month.

“Ideal Protein helps limit the amount of sugars and dietary fats coming in while providing a high-quality form of protein that is easily absorbed,” he continues. “Whereas some plans merely restrict caloric intake so the body will burn fat, that calorie restriction will also burn some muscle.

“On the other hand, the Ideal Protein program focuses on helping people lose weight by burning stored fat while preserving lean muscle.”

Even better, the plan is not simply a substitute for normal food; it also transitions patients to overall healthier eating. Patients learn healthy eating habits and proper food combinations to allow them to maintain a healthy weight long term.

“There are four supplements that go along with the actual foods that they’re eating: a multivitamin, a potassium supplement, a fish oil and a calcium formula,” continues Dr. Gordon.

“None of the supplements are like what you see with the different fad diets,” affirms Dr. Gordon. “There are no diet pills or stimulants in Ideal Protein. The Ideal Protein plan is focused on the body’s biochemistry and burning stored fat through eating properly and through proper nutrition.”

What also sets Ideal Protein apart is the one-on-one coaching and support provided by the clinic’s Ideal Protein Coach, Tracee Gmitro, he adds. Tracee meets one-on-one with Ideal Protein patients each week.

Feeling Good Again

Terri, who is 5-feet-7, quickly lost 30 pounds following the Ideal Protein plan.

“This is the first diet I’ve been on where the weight came off so quickly. I lost three dress sizes,” she reports. “It was costly at first to buy new clothes, but I said to myself, If I buy these new clothes, I’m going to wear them and I’m not going to go back to big sizes anymore!”

Although she has followed diets ranging from Weight Watchers to NutriSystem® in the past, she says Ideal Protein is the first that taught her how to manage weight without food cravings. Terri credits the support and nutrition counseling she received from Tracee at the clinic.

“Tracee is so compassionate and she wants you to succeed,” shares Terri. “I’m in such a routine now, eating the right foods and a lot of vegetables.”

She is also thankful for how Dr. Gordon helped her find relief from chronic back pain – without surgery.

“Dr. Gordon is a remarkable man and just the nicest person you ever want to meet,” she acknowledges. “And his office is very friendly. There’s not a person that works there that doesn’t greet you when you come in.”

Free of back pain, and with much more energy, Terri is playing golf again.

“My back is better and the weight loss just brought even more good things. I’m feeling good.”


Results not typical. Weight loss results will vary for each individual.


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